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Spinning Wheel Oil

For quiet effortless spinning 

Transparent 15ml - ½ oz squeeze bottle. 

Convenient 32mm - 1¼” blunt needle applicator for hard to reach bobbin, flyer and wheel bearings. 

The aluminum cap has a neoprene seal and air tight sealing scabbard. 

The bottle contains non-staining, high grade, aromatic-free, white mineral lubricating oil classified as non-hazardous. 

The bottles are sealed in an outer mini grip bag for added security. 

They will be included in Maintenance Kits. 

Maintenance Kit

Keep your spinning wheel well maintained and it will last a lifetime! The kit includes 15ml (½ fl ozs)

special lubricating oil (non-staining), threading hook, tension spring, flyer hooks, leather conrod connector and clip,

brake and drive bands.

Finishing Wax Polish 75gm

Preserve, protect and enhance wheels, looms and all your craft accessories with this quick and easy

to apply environmentally-friendly, low gloss finishing wax polish.

Made from beeswax and tree oils, it is ideal for new natural timber or restoring loved and lacquered products. Apply

with a soft rag or steel wool, then buff to a lustrous finish with a soft cloth. No

other finish is required.